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Floods and Leaks 




Flood Damage Restoration for Commercial and Residential Properties


Experiencing a flood in any type of building can be devastating, and the stress of having to deal with the fall out of flood damage can feel as though it is too much to handle. Whether it’s your home or your business,  both properties will need immediate action when they been affected by a flood.

Flood water can come into a building at any moment, and once it has entered the structure it can inflict damage in every nook and cranny. Creating hazards and potential health risks, the flood water can leave structural damage, waste and even electrical concerns behind, making damage repair efforts even more difficult.


FXtive have an expert team that can offer flood damage repair services for both domestic and commercial properties.

Flooding can happen at any moment, from natural disasters to a burst pipe. Unwanted water can easily penetrate any commercial or domestic building that is not adequately protected, making flood damage even more devastating.

However, this doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. FXtive Solutions are always ready for any emergency and our flood cleaning services are run by a team you can trust and reach 24 hours a day.

Having our team on-site as quickly as possible, ready to efficiently and expertly carry out flood cleanup services is absolutely essential to having your flooded commercial or domestic returned back to you in its original form.

Cleaning and disinfecting the area and the contents, the water-damaged building will be fully restored and you can return with a lot less stress to deal with.


Damp  and Mould

Insurers, homeowners, landlords and tenants  can all benefit from the comprehensive damp and mould remediation & removal service offered by us.

Mould is classified as a category one risk to health, as assessed under the Housing Health and Safety Rating System 2000, which is the same class as asbestos. The Environmental Protection Act (1990) classifies mould as a statutory nuisance that must be treated.

FXtive's system incorporates a 3 level process when considering damp and condensation issues in any property in the process of mould removal, and damp removal.

Concern about indoor exposure to mould has been increasing as the public become aware that exposure to mould can cause a variety of health effects and symptoms including allergic reactions.

Mould is one of the major factors in the increase of asthma and other respiratory diseases in recent years and there is a renewed concentration by landlords to ensure that their tenants are not affected by these poor living conditions. Landlords and homeowners often underestimate the severity of mould and the degree of difficulty in diagnosing the causes of this extremely unhealthy condition.

The causes of the mould infestation need to be identified and corrected or the mould will return very quickly. Care also needs to be taken when removing mould from a property.

Simply cleaning with bleach and water will not kill all the mould, and will trigger the release of its spores, agitating the problem and promoting re-occurrence. Mould remediation requires removing the mould carefully and correctly to eliminate the spread of the spores, so that other rooms or locations around the problematic areas are not exposed. This often requires containing the mouldy materials and removing them from the structure.

Damp diagnosis and mould remediation should always be performed by trained professionals who understand the processes and procedures for the successful elimination of the problem.

We have many of these professionals , who are fully trained in all aspects of damp diagnosis and mould remediation.

They will inspect your property and issue a full survey outlining the cause of the damp conditions and then propose a recommended course of action to eradicate the mould and the conditions in which it thrives.

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